Hustle Nation Inc. is an online Social Media & Social Networking platform for Entrepreneurs founded in 2015 and launched 2020. Its mission was to create the ultimate networking environment world wide where like minded individuals with Businesses and Hustles could have a place to Meet, Mingle, Network, Build and Grind eliminating the unnecessary discussions & distractions that other social media platforms provided and promoted.

‘Hustle Nation’ can be accessed from many devices with internet connection via Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Tablets and or Smart phones by downloading the ‘Hustle Nation’ App in your mobile ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘iOS Apple Store’ or simply by visiting www.HustleNation.com .

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The ‘Hustle Nation’ SPADE represents the 5 key steps to Entrepreneurship, and thats knowing and understanding that you must (Separate, Plan, Adjust, Discipline & Execution) in order to obtain and dominate the difficulties of being a Entrepreneur/Hustler.


Jelani ‘J-Hut’ Kazmende, born April 29th 1984 in Milwaukee, WI is an African American Technology Entrepreneur/Internet Entrepreneur of whom Founded, Owns and serves as the CEO of ‘Hustle Nation’. Having involvement with many other projects giving him several many other titles, he takes great pride in providing the ‘Hustle Nation’ platform that provides the necessities that Entrepreneurs need to thrive within their Hustles.


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